I have found the one whom my soul loves. Song of Solomon 3:4


Weddings, aren’t they a bliss?

It’s probably the day which the bride and groom will remember for their whole life. But the interesting part is that, as bride and groom, you don’t necessarily remember the material details, but the feelings. Starting with the engagement, then continuing with preparations, shared moments with families and friends, choosing a honeymoon destination, choosing a venue, the perfect wedding dress, your rings, your song and all leading to THE BIG DAY. On the big day you forget about all the preparations, all the time spent choosing the right shade of table napkins or the shape of the confetti the guests will throw. The big day is about emotions. The feeling when you saw your partner for the first time that day, the feeling when you saw her come down the aisle, the feeling when you you were declared husband and wife, the feeling when you shared your first kiss as a married couple, your first dance, the people who came, the people who were happy for you, and the list goes on. The whole day is a cocktail of emotions and it does feel that you are a bit drunk on happiness, excitement, anticipation, relief, excitement again and so on. For the rest of your life you will always remember and cherish THAT day and it will continue to fill your heart with a warm fuzzy feeling whenever you think about it.

Beautiful fall colors in a jar

As a guest on the other hand you are more inclined to notice the details of the wedding. The venue, the food, the band, the conversations, the souvenirs etc. And this is where we come in, this is where we can make your life easier.

Souvenirs are one of the most important pieces of decoration for your wedding. They are not only a token of appreciation, but also a small version of the wedding. The wedding theme, the colors, the vibe, the personality of the bride and groom, their appreciation, all these are combined in a small token of gratitude.

Cookies make an awesome souvenir too!

We believe that all weddings are unique and they all tell a different story. What we are best at is creating that unique souvenir which represents YOU and represents your commitment to each other. And we do this by having a conversation with each couple and finding our what they like and what they stand for. You and your guests deserve a unique souvenir, you deserve a souvenir which your guest will remember. And let’s face it, the best souvenirs are the ones you can ear, right? šŸ˜‰

Candy Jars, chocolate bars, lollipops and so much more!

So let us guide you on your journey on finding the perfect ones. Request a quote today or set an appointment to discuss your ideas. We’re all ears and look forward to hearing from you!

Apart from eye-catching candy jars, we can also spoil you with personalized chocolate bars, personalized cookies, personalized mint rolls or bespoke candy bags.

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